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The Power Pressure Cooker XL™ is the latest in our distinguished line. Pressure and Temperature Sensor Controls: Maintain even heat and pressure by automatically activating or deactivating the power supply. 3. “Back-up” Safety Release Valve: Should

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4 T he ALL-AMERICAN Pressure Cooker/Canner offers the busy cook many money-saving advantages: Safe canning. Pressure cooking provides the only safe method for

1 IMPORTANT SAFEGUARDS When using pressure cookers, basic safety precautions should always be followed: ! Read all instructions carefully before using your pressure cooker.

At 15 pounds of pressure, a temperature of 250°F (or 121°C) is reached inside the pressure cooker. This higher temperature speeds cooking. Using a high heat setting, heat the pressure cooker until the pressure regulator attains a gentle rocking motion.

Royal PRestige PRessuRe CookeRs Models: 10l / 6l included with your Pressure Cooker: • Steamer Basket • Cookbook optional accessories sold separately:

NEVER deep fry or pressure fry in the pressure cooker. It is very dangerous and may cause a fire, Temperature Sensor-detects right temperature for cooking 11. Control Panel-includes functions like: High and Low (for pressure cooking), Warm,

So the higher pressure inside a pressure cooker lets the water boil at temperatures greater than 100°c. “Cooking Under Pressure” by Chen, Anderson, & Wang Page 2 rate doubles. What is the advantage of using an autoclave (generates steam with high pressure and temperature) to

Pressure (P.S.I.G.) Temper-ature Of 29.74 0.089 32 0 212 135 358.3 285 417.2 570 483.4 29 0.451 76.5 2 218.5 140 360.8 290 418.7 580 485.2 28 0.942 99.7 4 224.4 145 363.4 295 420.2 590 487 27 1.43 114 6 229.8 PRESSURE TABLE STEAM TEMPERATURE.

4 5 Cooking Chart Cooking Chart Pressure Cooker Tips Cooking times are based off of a cooking temperature of Medium (275˚F) pre-set on the NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop.

OWNER’S MANUAL Bonus Canning Guide Included For Model #PC-TRI6 Power Cooker Pressure Canning Process 16-17 Limited Warranty 18 Troubleshooting the Temperature/Pressure Sensor device malfunction, causing pressure to build

1 Pressure Canner and Cooker Visit us on the web at GoPresto.com Instructions and Recipes ©2010 by National Presto Industries, Inc. Table of ConTenTs

Introduction to Pressure Cooking Cooking with a pressure cooker is often a scary thought for people. Perhaps you have one in your cabinet that you have

Page 1 of 42 Mirro Pressure Cooker & Canners Instructions Manual & Recipe Book Congratulations on your choice! Your MIRRO or Pressure Cooker/ Canner was carefully developed by Designers, Technicians

Instant Pot Electric Pressure Cooker Recipes 5 P ress [Saute] to pre-heat the cooker. When the words “Hot” appear on the display add the onions sage, salt and pepper and saute.

“Cooking Under Pressure” by Chen, Anderson, & Wang Page Title image credit: Pressure cooker from tinned cast iron, made by Georg Gutbrod in Stuttgart, Germany.

1 A laboratory experiment from the Little Shop of Physics at Colorado State University Necessary materials: Temperature and pressure are directly proportional

Royal PRestige PRessuRe CookeRs Models: 10l / 6l included with your Pressure Cooker: • Steamer Basket • Cookbook optional accessories sold separately:

Your Wolfgang Puck Pressure Cooker has five preset cooking functions including specific temperature, pressure and times for each of the following selections. This takes all the guesswork out of pressure cooking for you!

Your Hawkins Ventura Pressure Cooker, you may adapt recipes from other cookbooks or use your own, making sure that you safety valve melts at the required temperature and releases pressure. The safety valve can be replaced as shown on page 36.

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