Sterilizing Agar In Pressure Cooker

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Teacher Preparation Notes for Is Yeast Alive? by Dr. Ingrid Waldron and Jennifer Doherty, Prepare sterile nutrient agar from powder using an autoclave or a stove-top pressure cooker pressure. After sterilizing,

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E XERCISE 4 C ULTURE OF M ICROORGANISMS INTRODUCTION media are heated in a pressure cooker, called an autoclave, that heats the medium to the point that all cells and endospores are The agar will melt at autoclave temperatures and harden

The NOAA Ship The NOAA Ship Okeanos ExplorerOkeanos Explorer pressure cooker by placing the agar container in a basket just above the water level. and sterilizing in a pressure cooker as described above. Alternatively,

Nutrient agar slant. 4.2 Hot-air sterilizing ovens: Use hot-air sterilizing ovens of sufficient size to prevent internal crowding, constructed to give uniform and 4.3.2 Use of a vertical autoclave or pressure cooker is not

Use of the autoclave/pressure cooker 6 Sterilization of equipment and materials in practical microbiology to ensure that investigations proceed volumes appropriate for sterilization in the autoclave/pressure cooker. Agar slopes are prepared in test tubes or Universal/McCartney bottles

A pressure cooker for sterilizing the media, and petri dishes in which to make the cultures. bottle caps firmly and allow the agar to cool. However, a pressure cooker large enough to hold eight or ten 16-ounce bottles can be or pressure cooker is needed in their preparation.

cooker. Steam enters into a jacket surrounding the chamber. When the sterilizing to allow the agar to solidify in a slanted fashion. Agar medium to Agar deep: using aseptic technique as outline above,

(pressure cooker or autoclave). Disinfectant (Virkon). AB2.4 Starch solution (one student) Non absorbent cotton wool Teacher Sterilizing equipment is needed. AB2.13 Agar lawn plate using Yakult milk drink. Antibiotic disks (4 types)

And 8 g/L agar were sufficient to produce solidified culture (Campos 1998, 2000, 2002). Using a pressure cooker may be considered advantageous in terms of the cost of equipment, but, as with the culture media has been effectively used as a sterilizing agent by Yanagawa et al. (1995).

Sterilize the agar solution in a pressure cooker by placing the agar container in a basket and sterilizing in a pressure cooker as described above. Microfriends Author: NOAA Ocean Explorer

sterilization and heating the pressure cooker. All media used was purchased in a de­ hydra:ted form. It was reconstituted into usable form merely by dissolving in distil­ led water and sterilizing. The main item of equipment needed for the reconstitution was a balance green agar, selenite

An autoclave is a large pressure cooker; Another way to explain this is that when heat is used as a sterilizing agent, Always autoclave media in a pan, to contain spills. Agar will clog the drain in the autoclave and break it.

Either an autoclave or pressure cooker with similar results. sterilizing in a microwave are based on using a 1000-watt microwave with a turntable for more even distribution of A blend of agar and Gelrite. Plant Tissue Culture Tested CAS Formula MW Storage Temp Soluble In NA NA NA RT WATER

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