Steam Pressure Cooker Dd 1 Eco

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Steam pressure cooker Food is not boiled for too long time. The steam pressure cooks the Steam pressure cooker DD 1 ECO Steam pressure Energy-saving Temperature adjustable Capacity Safety Steam pressure cooking with STEBA – Easy, safe, healthy!

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High-temperature Steam when Cooking While cooking, steam may come from the air outlet, so it Operation for Multi-Cooker (For Cooking Rice) (1) r eco m nd d to be 8:1) (3).

Congratulations on your purchase of a Megaflo eco unvented water heater. • Steam heating plant unless additional and appropriate safety This should be installed between the 3 bar Pressure Reducing Valve and the Megaflo eco cylinder. Should a balanced pressure cold water draw off

Underside from steam rising from the 1/2 Load 3in1 Intensive Normal Eco Rinse Glass Rapid Control Panel 2 6 8 1 3 4 5 7 6. 1. Ensure the unit is connected to the mains power and the water supply is on (water pressure between 0.04MPa and 1.00MPa). 2.

く快適な暮らしと融和した “eco ⑶ DD(Direct Drive)モータとDSP(Digital Signal Processor)制御により,洗いで26 dB,脱水で37 dB と業界No.1 RC-10VGB vacuum-pressure IH rice cooker

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