Pressure Cooker Ox Tongue Recipe

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The cooking system of this pressure cooker reduces cooking times when compared to conventional cooking methods, helping you save energy. chopped meat 8 / 12 min According to recipe * Cow or ox, tongue 30 / 35 min According to recipe * Cow or ox, sliced Osso buco 15 / 20 min According to recipe *

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• Make sure to read and understand these instructions before using the pressure cooker for the first time. Read all instructions and save these instructions (such as ox tongue), which could Always pay attention to the recipe, but this method is used to prevent tender food to overcook.

For example ox tongue, have a surface skin • If you use salt for your recipe, dissolve it immediately by stirring the water with a wooden spoon. • In the event of strong excess pressure in your pressure cooker resulting from simultaneous blocking of the regula-

Pressure Cooker Recipes Cookbook Recipes from: Miss Vickie's Pressure Cooker Recipes website Page ____ water to cover the tongue. Cook at high pressure for 45 minutes for 1 tongue, to 1 hour and 15 minutes for 2 tongues. Let the pressure drop naturally.

Important precautions • After cooking meat which has an outer layer of skin (such as ox tongue), which could swell due to the effects of pressure, If the X’press Cooker is under pressure, the opening button cannot be operated because the

• Caramelized Ox Tongue with Celeriac Remoulade • Seared Sea Scallops with Kumquat Confit the pressure cooker is experiencing a revival in popularity. you’ll also take home a selection of the recipe’s ingredients. This is an elective you don’t want to miss.

Pass them on if you pass the pressure cooker on. Remove all packaging, but keep it till you know the pressure cooker works. important safeguards 1 The pressure cooker must only be used by a responsible adult. (e.g. ox tongue),

Important safeguards caution don’t touch the pressure indicator Improper use may result in a scalding injury. 3 Supervise the pressure cooker while it’s under pressure. You don’t have to stand over it, but keep an eye on it. (e.g. ox tongue),

• Never place your pressure cooker in a hot oven. • Never make a recipe with milk in CLIPSO 1.2 kg of beef (topside or blade roast, ox tail, a little beef rib end), 2 marrow bones, 800 grams

(such as ox tongue), which could swell due recipe. • During cooking, check that the valve murmurs regularly. If there is not enough steam, in – pressure cooker, add the fried onions and the rice, stir with a wooden spoon

Cook 4me Step by step pre-programmed recipes cooked in minutes skin (such as ox tongue), which could swell due to the effects of pressure, INGREDIENTS RECIPE LIST STARTER/SIDES MAIN DISHES Asian pork meatballs Butternut squash soup

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