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RACO smartplus PRESSURE COOKERS use care instructions RACO For more information, visit us at: Meyer Cookware Australia Pty Ltd.

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Pressure Cooker is always in good working condition. When cooking liquid foods, 6.In case the weight valve falls off during pressure cooking, please get the vent tube and weight valve checked at the Pressure Cooker Dealer nearest to you.

Are a type of burn caused by a hot liquid or steam. Burns are classified according to how seriously tissue has been damaged. from a pressure cooker. The steam caused burns to his face, arm and chest. He received 1 st avoid putting pressure on burned skin.

Pressure Cooker Set I purchased this Fagor Futuro Pressure Cooker, watched the included DVD instructions, and it was SO easy! Futuro 6 Quart Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker, Read customer use: open the cooker , add liquid.

The pressure cooker must have enough liquid to steam or the food will not cook properly. If the electric circuit is overloaded with other appliances, your appliance may not operate. The pressure cooker should be operated on a separate electrical circuit.

10Qt. Electric Pressure Cooker . Model EPC-1013 INSTRUCTION MANUAL Before operating your new appliance, please read all instructions carefully and keep for future reference . 1 a little of the hot liquid from the pressure cooker, then add the mixture

Basic safety precautions should always be followed when using your electric pressure cooker, especially when children are present. ance in water or any other liquid. 3. this gasket is for sealing pressure within the pressure cooker and it should be

A pressure cooker consists of a pot and lid, which are usually made of metals such as aluminum or stainless steel. liquid to gas, a physical state change; therefore the water temperature remains constant. Ann: I see. And how does the safety valve work?

Find a similar pressure cooker recipe to the one you are trying to cook to see how to set it up, how much water Stir a little of the hot liquid from you cooker into the egg mix (tempering the eggs), then add to the rice mixture. Cook, uncovered,

• Never use the pressure cooker without liquid, as this could result in damage. Adhere strictly to the following content limitations: Minimum: 0.26 qt Turn pressure regulator to 2 for high pressure. 4. Place Pressure Cooker on PIC and cook on high (425 degree) for

Power Cooker Pressure Canning Process customer service number located on page 12 of the owner’s manual. Accessories Pressure Valve Rapid Release Button Lid Rubber Gasket Rapid Release button to lower pressure quickly. Vegetables Liquid / Cups Approximate Minutes Pressure

Using your Slow Cooker 6 Tips for Slow Cooking 7 Care and Cleaning 8 Recipes 9 Contents. Sunbeam’s Safety Precautions • If a recipe results in too much liquid, turn the slow cooker to the HIGH setting, remove the lid and cook until sufficient liquid has evaporated.

COOKER COUNTDOWN programmable slow cookers SCCPBPP605 the slow cooker heats, and the internal timer starts counting down time in 1 minute increments. 6. • When cooking frozen meats, at least 1 cup of warm liquid must first be added.

Never put food or liquid into the body of your slow cooker, always use the ceramic cooking pot. Don’t overfill the pot. We recommend not to fill it more than two thirds full. • Do not add as much liquid as your recipe indicates. Generally,

Stay or Go™ Cool Touch Slow Cooker! in too much liquidat the end of the meat in the slow cooker. Thaw any meat or poultry before slow cooking. 840143900 Ev01 4/28/06 9:41 AM Page 6. 7 Adapting Recipes Some ingredients are not suitedfor

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