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Effects Analysis (FMEA)” is a good reference for this procedure. (requires a pressure vessel) • Pressure Cooker (PCT) – unbiased with conditions of 121 °C/100% RH (requires a pressure vessel) • Power cycling • Shock • Vibration

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Abstract — Pressure vessels store substances under pressure higher than atmospheric conditions and are found all over the place. They are used in homes and hospitals for hot water

United States Patent 4932550 (1990) Pressure cooker interlock, Moucha, W. M. United States Patent 6523459 References and Bibliography Price, C.J. (1995) Failure mode effects analysis: a practical application of functional modelling, Applied Artificial Intelligence, 9(1): 33–44.

PRODUCT/PROCESS ® CHANGE NOTIFICATION. PCN IPD-DIS/13/7730 – Dated 12 Mar 2013 Product D-FMEA: Product:Transfer from Shenzhen to Longgang of TO-220FP PCT Pressure Cooker Test P/N Part Number RH Relative Humidity

Http:// Free download aiag spc manual 2nd edition PDF PDF Manuals Library. Manual Description: This should be more enlightened firmed only consequences, not only is solche download aiag spc manual 2nd

PCN IPG-DIS/14/8337 Dated 19 Feb 2014 Power Rectifiers Additional Assembly and Test Location in China for DPAK package 1/17 PRODUCT/PROCESS ® CHANGE NOTIFICATION

Pressure Cooker Test 121C/100%RH 168hrs (Au)/ 216hrs (Cu) FMEA/ Control plan development TCM documentation readiness Engineering study for improvement Microsoft PowerPoint – 5_Chen_Cu interconnect for automotive applications final.pptx

The underfill material used in this process in no small way determines the reliability of the package, irrespective of its non- The pressure cooker test (PCT) is the most trying, where the underfill goes through 100 percent relative humidity at 121°C, and 15psi

6 [4] Risk Analysis for Change FMEA (FAILURE MODE AND EFFECTS ANALYSIS) for identification of risks associated with this change New item

PCT (Pressure Cooker Testing) Environmental Simulations for Mechanical Stress: Sine Wave / Random Vibration Testing Mechanical Shock Test – FMEA Reliability Demonstration Test Failure Analysis HALT – Highly Accelerated Life Test

Such as pressure cooker (121°C, saturated condensing steam) and HAST (121-150°C, 85%RH, non-condensing steam) FMEA is designed to anticipate various failure modes and build robust-ness in the product and processes at the design stage. FMEA helps reduce cycle time and costs. Performance

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