Pressure Cooker Agar Plates

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Autoclave or pressure cooker 18. Spatula for measuring agar 19. Stirring rod 20. Oven for maintaining the temperature of the agar 21. One day before the in-class laboratory experience, prepare agar plates for students to inoculate in class. 6. Prepare Alga-Gro Media to mix with agar.

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Teacher Preparation Notes for Is Yeast Alive? by Dr. Ingrid Waldron and Jennifer Doherty, There are three ways of obtaining sterile nutrient agar plates. Although options 1 and 2 are more Prepare sterile nutrient agar from powder using an autoclave or a stove-top pressure cooker

Yeast culturing 101: history, basics and best practices • pressure cooker or autoclave • agar (strongly suggest against gelatin since it will melt) • once plates cool and agar has set stack them and wrap a rubber band around the

Mushroom Growers’ Handbook 1 The clean room can be used to inoculate agar plates with mushroom mycelium from culture slants or with tissue Fill your pressure cooker/sterilizer with the correct amount of water (this will vary according to what model you

Autoclave or pressure cooker ..8 Points to remember when using a pressure cooker or autoclave Pouring Agar Plates

DNA TRANSFORMATION OF BACTERIA – RED COLONY REVISED 3/2003 Prepared by the Office of Biotechnology, putting them in a pressure cooker at 15 pounds for 15 minutes (c) Two types of agar plates should prepared:

THE ACTION OF BACTERIA ON FAT 1. agar plates containing an emulsion of fat, and Waksman and Daviston 3 mention the use of litmus as an indicator in such plates. An entire series of plates was placed in a large pressure

Re-melt stored agar media in boiling water bath, pressure cooker or microwave oven. Sterile agar plates can be pre-poured and stored . in well-sealed plastic bags (media- containing . base uppermost to avoid heavy condensation. on lid).

Growing Mushrooms the Easy Way Growing and Maintaining Agar Cultures Preparing agar plates MYA medium Use the lowest effective concentration of peroxide in agar

Material Safety Data Sheet Agar-agar MSDS Section 1: Chemical Product and Company Identification Product Name: Agar-agar Vapor Pressure: Not applicable. Vapor Density: Not available. Volatility: Not available. Odor Threshold: Not available.

Tighten the tops for storage only after the agar solidifies. If plates are to be poured, disinfect the work area and stop all air drafts. Let At the end of 15 minutes, allow the pressure cooker to cool slowly. Media should be sterilized for 15 minutes at a temperature of 121°C and a

Safe Patterns All agar plates are incubated UPSIDE DOWN to reduce bacterial contamination and to point rises At 15 PSI the Boiling Point = 121ºC At 20 PSI the Boiling Point = 126ºC Minimum = 15 minutes @ 15 PSI A pressure cooker is the same as an autoclave Boiling 100ºC kills

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